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Dental Cleaning and Extraction: 5 ½ year old Toy Poodle


This photo was taken before the cleaning procedure began.  The extensive plaque on this dog’s teeth is obvious.  There is redness and swelling along the gum line, and the gums have receded.

The tube entering the dog’s mouth delivers the inhalation anesthesia.  General anesthesia, used with all dental cleanings, reduces the patient’s stress level , is safer for both the pet and the staff, and allows for a thorough examination. Your pet is continuously monitored while under anesthesia.

After a thorough examination of all the teeth and gums, plaque and tartar is removed from each tooth using an ultrasonic instrument similar to those used in human dentistry.  Subgingival scaling is done to remove debris  below the gum line.


dental 020513



The condition of this dog’s teeth made a large number of extractions necessary.  Any teeth that are badly decayed, infected, or loose and cannot be treated by any other means are extracted.  If there are extractions, the pet will be prescribed antibiotics and pain medication.


extracted teeth 020513



As a final step, the teeth are polished to create a smooth surface that will make it more difficult for tartar to build up in the future.

When you pick up your pet, you will be given an handout with instructions for care at home.

The added benefit is the satisfaction of knowing that  providing proper dental care has significantly improved your pet’s quality of life!


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